The Economic Value of Career Education

    While earnings are influenced by work experience, evidence suggests that each level of career education a person obtains relates to increase in earnings.
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Americans are More Educated Than Ever Before, but Is Still Not Enough

    The good news and bad news about educational levels in the United States. We're more educated than ever before, but still not as educated as we should be.
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Community Colleges vs Universities

    A growing number of career-minded students and aspiring professionals are turning to community colleges to receive a career education.
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Higher Education Opportunities

Study after study shows that obtaining a higher education is the most sure way of increasing lifetime career opportunities and earning potential. Below you can explore higher education resources, including useful articles, guides and college and university lists.

Career Education & Training Programs

Below you'll find a comprehensive selection of degrees, courses and training programs from accredited colleges, universities and higher education institutions located online and throughout the United States. Programs are offered in various fields of study and career oriented disciplines including Art & Design, Business, Education, Engineering & Construction, Health, Hospitality & Culinary Arts, Law & Criminal Justice, Liberal Arts & Humanities, Science, Social Science, Technology & IT, as well as a large variety of skilled trades. Browse the links below to find the degree or vocational program that is right for you.

Art & Design

Art & Design Degree Programs
Position yourself for a career in the growing and evolving world of Art and Design.

Criminal Justice & Law

Criminal Justice & Law Programs
Most entry-level careers in this industry require an advanced degree or certificate.


Education & Teaching Programs
Prepare for a career in teaching, instruction and training with a degree in education.

Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction
A career in engineering requires a bachelor's degree - and often a master's degree.

Healthcare & Medical

Health & Medical Degree Programs
Prepare for a career in one of America's fastest growing and stable industries.

Hospitality & Culinary Arts

Hospitality & Culinary Arts Programs
Prepare to take advantage of exciting career opportunities in hospitality.

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts & Humanities Programs
Earning a degree in liberal arts or humanities will provide you a well-rounded education.


Science Degrees & Programs
Earning a degree or certificate in science will prepare you for a career in various industries.

Social Science

Social Science Programs
Social science degrees develop critical thinking, reasoning, analysis, and writing skills.


Technology & IT Degrees
A technical degree or certification will prepare your for entry-level careers in technology.


Career & Vocational Training
Get the real-world training that will put you the career fast track.


PhD, Doctoral & Doctorate Programs
The highest level of educatoin available for students are doctorate degrees. Explore doctorate and PhD degrees in leadership, health sciences, education, business administration, human services, psychology and more.


MBA Degree Programs
Earning a MBA degree positions candidates for myriad of new career opporunities. MBAi concentrations include finance, marketing, technology, investments, international business, risk management and more.


Master's Degree Programs
Master's degrees are graduae level degrees that can be completed in as little as two years. Master's degrees are offered in computer science, education, health science, criminal justice, business, and various other fields of study.


Bachelor's Degrees
A bachelor's degree is the minimum qualification for many entry-level positions in business, technology, and healthcare. A bachelor's degree typically takes four years to complete and is offered at colleges and universities.


Associate Degrees & Programs
Most associate degrees are two-year programs. Associate degrees prepare students for entry-level jobs or to transfer to a four-year university to pursue a bachelor's degree.


Certificate & Diploma Programs
Certificates and diplomas are career-oriented programs designed to help aspiring students and professionals prepare for a specific career or position.

Online Courses

Online College Courses
Online college courses are designed to help students complete a degree or prepare for a career from the comfort of their home and office. Online courses are typically much more convenient and flexible than traditional campus-based programs.

Online Highschool

Online Highschool & GED Programs
High School and GED programs offered online by colleges and universities located throughout the United States and Canada. If you haven't earned your High School diploma don't wait any longer – get started today!
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