Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

After completing an associate's program in criminal justice, graduates will be familiar with law enforcement, the court system, and criminal incarceration and rehabilitation. Students can apply this knowledge to a career as a homeland security official, private security officer, parole or probation officer, prison guard, or crime scene investigator, among many other jobs. Graduates can also find entry level positions in criminal rehabilitation, victim assistance, court administration, and law enforcement. Graduates seeking higher education can apply their credits from an online associate's criminal justice program towards a bachelor's degree.

Criminal justice students focus on criminology, criminal rehabilitation, and how the court system functions. Students enrolled in criminal justice programs usually complete courses in forensic science, psychology, legal studies, urban studies, and public administration. Not only will students learn about broad concepts related to criminal justice, they will also receive instruction on the specifics of legal procedures, criminal investigation, police protocols, and forensics.

Concerns about terrorism, combined with tougher enforcement of state and federal laws, have increased demand for criminal justice professionals. Police, parole, and probation officers will be highly sought after. Many opportunities will also exist for paralegals and legal research specialists. Completing an online criminal justice associate's program is a good way to begin a career in criminal justice.

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