Associate Degree in Social Sciences

Those who want to attend college but don't know which career to pursue should consider enrolling in an online or campus-based social science associate's program. A degree in social sciences provides students with a wide range of marketable job skills which can be applied to a number of industries. Online programs are particularly convenient, since they allow students to study at their convenience, whenever their busy schedules permit.

Students signing up for online or campus-based social science programs are usually required to take humanities, science, and math classes, but students can choose to specialize in a variety of subjects, including communications, history, political science, sociology, behavioral sciences, and many more. Whatever major students select, they will improve their critical thinking, writing, and reading skills while completing an online social science program.

When earning an associate's degree, students develop effective critical analysis and communication skills, which are valuable traits for a wide range of professions. In the majority of fields, individuals with degrees usually earn more than people that have not completed college.

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