Associate Degree in Human Resources Management

All businesses rely on human resource (HR) professionals to operate efficiently. HR specialists are responsible for matching applicants to positions that suit their qualifications, and for using their organization's computer systems to manage data of various kinds. Since this job deals closely with people and with computer systems, individuals who hold degrees in computer systems or international business will be at an advantage when seeking employment.

Many companies expanding their operations in foreign countries will need qualified HR managers to oversee all of their new employees. Those who complete an associate's program in human resources management will acquire the specialized knowledge and skills needed by these companies. While pursuing their degrees, students should consider taking classes in foreign languages, business management, and international business procedures.

According to the BLS, most organizations are seeking individuals who have completed online human resources programs. Many work as consultants once they have completed their studies. The median annual salary of human resource management specialists is roughly $40,000.

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