Associate Degree in Graphic Design

The rapidly increasing demand for websites, multimedia and video technology, and other technologies has created an abundance of job opportunities for graphic designers. Aspiring graphic designers who want to take advantage of this industry growth should consider completing an online associate's degree program in graphic design.

Students enrolled in online associate's programs will be instructed on the technical specifics of graphic design, with an emphasis on practical knowledge rather than theoretical applications. Students will usually take classes in website publishing, digital media, typography, illustration, and graphic design. Specialized instruction is also offered in digital image alteration, visual communications, and animation.

Those who successfully complete an associate's program in graphic design can find jobs working as drafters, graphic design assistants, and other entry-level graphic design positions. Credits from these programs can also be transferred to bachelor's programs.

The BLS reported that, in 2012, graduates of these programs usually found jobs with salaries beginning near $38,000 annually. Those with experience or higher levels of education can make nearly $70,000 a year, and design directors or managers can make over $100,000 a year. Earning a degree does not guarantee a job or particular salary; however, graduates of college programs typically have more opportunities and higher earning potential.

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