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Why pursue a career in construction? There are lot of reasons why a career in construction might be the perfect career path for you. Consider the following.

There are jobs.
Even though the demand for construction is tied to the economy, current and future economic forecasts suggest strong demand for skilled workers. Right now there are employment opportunities in just about every sector of construction from carpentry to masonry to project management to general labor. The key to qualifying for the best positions and ensuring future job stability is to (1) select the right trade and (2) become skilled in your trade.

If you're really interested in a career in construction, but want to find the most stable construction job you can, we invite you to read The Top 10 Most Stable Construction Jobs. This article will help you identify which construction job might be the best fit for you.

You can make good money.
Construction workers earn more than the average for all other occupations in the United States. Construction workers can make anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 a year. The following are the most common construction trades and salary estimates.

Boilermaker $39,954-$92,990 per year ($16-$36/hr)
Carpenter $27,600-$70,200 per year ($13-31/hr)
Carpet Installer $21,000-$71,000 per year ($10-$30/hr)
Cost estimator $35,800-$84,000 per year
Construction Manager $45,300-$126,300 per year
Dredge Operator $25,500-$55,900 per year ($12-$34/hr)
Electrician $29,500-$80,400 per year ($14-$35/hr)
Elevator Mechanic $40,700-$110,200 per year ($19-$48/hr)
Glazier $26,800-$66,700 per year ($12-$30/hr)
Heavy Equipment Operator $28,500-$70,200 per year ($13-$28/hr)
Insulation Installer $21,400-$48,900 per year ($31/hr)
Structural Iron and Steelworker $32,300-$85,800 per year ($14-$36/hr)
Construction Laborer $20,700-$55,800 per year ($10-$24/hr)
Landscaper $18,500-$37,600 per year ($9-16/hr)
Brickmason and Blockmason $29,500-$66,200 per year ($14-$29/hr)
Cement mason and concrete finisher $27,200-$84,900 per year ($13-$37/hr)
Millwright $35,900-$80,500 per year ($15-$31/hr)
Painter $21,600-$51,200 per year ($10-$25/hr)
Pile driver $28,500-$91,200 per year ($14-$44/hr)
Plasterer $28,700-$75,300 per year ($13-$35/hr)
Plumber $29,300-$76,600 per year ($13-$33/hr)
Pipefitter $31,600-$90,800 per year ($15-$38/hr)
Sheet Metal Worker $25,900-$84,300 per year ($12-$40/hr)
Safety Manager $41,000-$98,000 per year
Welder $26,000-$62,700 per year ($12-$25/hr)
You can start getting a paycheck right away.
Most careers require a degree or formal education before you can start earning money. With a career in contruction you can start earning right away–as long as you have a high school diploma or GED. Even skilled trades such as Electrician and Carpenter offer apprenticeship positions where you learn the trade while still bringing home a paycheck. Once you've completed your apprenticeship, you'll earn even more.

There are lifelong career opportunities.
Construction offers lifelong career opportunities. While you won't exactly climb the corporate ladder, you will be offered various career advancement opportunities. With enough time, experience and connections you can move into management positions – such as construction manager, project manager, foreman, or even superintendent –, move into new construction fields, such as engineering, or launch your own construction business. The opportunities are endless.

Another plus about construction is that many of the skills are transferrable. If you find you don't like your current position, you can always try your hand at a different construction career.

A career in construction is fun and fulfilling.
Would you rather sit in a stuffy office answering phone calls and pushing paper around all day, or do you want to be outside, using your body and mind to create homes, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, roads, and other structures that define our society? If you prefer the later, then you'll love a career in construction. In construction you create something tangible that didn't exist before, something people with use for many years to come, and something you can be proud of.

You can travel.
There are a lot of construction careers that will allow you to stay in one place. There are also many that allow you to re-locate from time to time, or travel and see the world.

It's anything but boring.
A career in construction is anything but boring.

  • Most construction jobs provide a diversity of responsibility and tasks.
  • Each day is different, challenging and exciting.
  • You're learning somethhing new and improving your skills every day.
  • Construction is constantly evolving. You'll learn new technologies, techniques and construction processes and they emerge.

You'll build a career working with people just like you.
The construction field is full of awesome people who love working with other people and love what they do. In just about any field of construction, you'll bump into, rub shoulders with and work side by side other aspiring professionals just like you.

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