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Art & Design Degree Programs

Students earning degrees in art and design will take courses combining technology, creativity, and business concepts to prepare them for their future careers. Students can obtain an art or design degree by attending classes at a college campus or enrolling in online courses, a convenient option for busy people. These courses are suited to accommodate various learning methods and serve as effective preparation to begin new careers at various levels.

Art & Design Career Options
People with Master's of Fine Arts (MFA) or Bachelor's of Fine Arts (BFA) degrees in design or art are heavily recruited by companies and organizations. Although it is possible to get hired with a bachelor's degree, earning a post graduate degree demonstrates to companies or organizations that you have been adequately trained for your career.

Careers in design and art can be very diverse. Except for those who are naturally gifted, individuals with degrees can also learn more skills and improve the ones they already possess to enhance their marketability in the job market. However, enrolling in a degree program or receiving other training will better prepare individuals for their future careers. The following are highly sought after jobs in design and art:

  • Art Directors
  • Craft Artists
  • Fine Artists
  • Multimedia Artists
  • Printmakers
  • Painting Restorers

Degrees in Creative and Visual Arts
The following institutions offer accredited online and campus-based programs for visual arts and creative degrees:
Job Outlook for Art & Design Occupations
In 2012, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that an estimated 218,000 people worked in industries specializing in art and design. A little over 60 percent of these professionals ran their own businesses. About 87,000 of these professionals were employed by companies specializing in multimedia art and technology. A large percentage of graduates every year become fine artists and art directors. It is estimated that job growth in fields for art and design professionals will rise over 16 percent until 2016, surpassing the country's average job growth rate in other career fields.

Salaries for people educated and trained to work in design and art varies according to experience, specialty, and geographic region. In 2012, art directors averaged salaries around $83,000 while multi-media specialists averaged $61,000 annually.

Art & Design Courswork and Online Study Options
Degrees in design and art are usually offered in liberal arts programs, and students usually have the option to specialize. Students in these programs are required to take science, arithmetic, and history courses, and those already taking courses in their majors often take courses in drama, music, and computer programming.

Students enrolled in an online program determine when and how to study design and art. If students desire to take courses utilizing learning methods they prefer, there are classroom, online, or a combination of the two programs available to choose from. Students pursuing the online option usually become better acquainted with computer technology, and many companies are seeking employees with proficient computer skills.

Students specializing in art usually take courses covering the following concepts:

  • Applied Arts and Design - Computer Arts and Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Medical Illustration, Photography, Textile Design
  • Architecture - Architectural History, Architecture, Building Science, Environmental Design, Historic Preservation, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design
  • Art - Art History, Arts Administration, Art Therapy, Decorative Arts, Fine Arts, Museum Studies Film, Television and Video
  • Performing Arts - Dance, Drama, Music, Theater

Art and Design Degree Programs

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