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Individuals who love creating art and working in beautiful locations should consider pursuing a career in photography. Photographers should have artistic taste, technical skills, and the ability to relay emotions and stories in a picture. Photographers who already understand how to use digital editing technology often find job opportunities without completing formal college or professional certification programs.

Many aspiring photographers benefit from formal training since they can improve their marketing, business administration, and technical skills. Additionally, since many people are interested in photography careers, earning a college degree in photography can help someone set themselves apart from other applicants.

Photography Careers: Behind the Lens

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that over 50 percent of photographers run their own businesses, a very high percentage compared to other professions. More photographers are expected to start small businesses in the near future since many media and other companies relying on photographers usually prefer to contract with, rather than hire photographers full-time.

News photography, commonly known as photojournalism, is one career people interested in photography can pursue. Many photographers specialize in portrait photography, experts who utilize studio technology to capture perfect shots. Many photographers are hired to take photos at school graduations, weddings, and other private and public celebrations. Fine art photographers take pictures of beautiful landscapes, natural wonders, and objects to sell them. Many photographers take photos for record keeping and research purposes.

The photography industry is currently undergoing major changes, which is one reason why obtaining a college degree in photography can be very beneficial. Since many newspaper publishing companies are experiencing decreased revenues, they are publishing more news online, so photographers must have the ability to upload video broadcasts and photos into a website. Photojournalists will need a larger skill set and have the ability to work under tighter deadlines.

The Value of Photography Degrees

Since the photography industry is constantly in flux, photography specialists working in this field must be continually learning new skills. Students can develop new artistic and technical skills while enrolled in a college degree program in photography. Many students also benefit from the interaction they have with other photography students and course instructors.

Aspiring photographers interested in eventually starting a small business can also benefit by earning a college degree in photography online. They can learn the skills necessary to be successful and study at their own pace.

Students enrolled in college degree programs in photography will be required to complete courses in marketing, business management, technology, and visual design.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth in the photography industry will increase by 10 percent until 2016, a rate that is near the national average. During 2006, the median salary for photographers just barley exceeded $26,000 a year.

Most people do not pursue photography careers for the money. They do it because they love creating art and capturing the perfect picture for their clients.

Photography Degrees and Programs

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