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Making a career change can be one of the scariest decisions you ever make as well as one of the biggest challenges you'll ever face - especially if you're transitioning into a completely new industry or reentering the workforce after a prolonged absence. However, a successful career change can be one of the most positive changes you ever make. Don't think of a career change as a bump in the road but rather a new beginning, an opportunity to make a fresh start that will lead to new and greater opportunities.

One of the most difficult aspects of career change is that is usually occurs towards the middle of your life, after you've already become well established in a specific career path or industry. Don't ever think that you're ever too old to make a successful career change. Many individuals well into their 60's make very meaningful and successful career changes. Whether you're a laid off worker transitioning into an new industry, a mother returning tot he work force, or an unsatisfied professional seeking your dream job our career change center will provide you the resources and information you need to assist you in your transition.
 Career Change Articles and Resources
  • Assessing Career Change Risks
    A career change is not always the answer and not everyone should make a career change. Before you jump feet first into the career change process you need to assess all the risk involved. Starting a career change without first assessing and addressing the risk can prove disasterous.

  • Developing A Career Change Plan
    The number one reason that a career change either won't be successful or will end up being extremely painful is lack of planning. You'd never go a vacation without first planning where you're going to stay, what sites you're going to visit, how you're going to get there and of course how much its going to cost. Yet thousand of job seekers and career minded individuals quit their jobs and start the career change process without a sound plan. Don't start your career change until you've created a well thoughtout plan. Anything less is a recipe for a potential disaster.

  • 10 Steps to Successful Career Change
    Here we provide 10 of the most successful career change tips for pulling off a successful career change. We highly recommend reviewing these tips before you make youre career change.

  • Proven Career Change Tips
    Are you in the midst of a career change and need a little bit of assistance? These proven career change tips, if followed, will help you get your career change back on the right track.

  • The "Temp" Career Change Strategy
    For those looking to transition into a new industry the "temp" career change strategy can be very effective. This strategy may not seem that appealing at first as it may require you to move down before you move back up but it can be very effective.

  • Unconvential Tips for A Midlife Career Change
    Sometime you need to break away from the mold in order to pulloff a successful career change. Here are some unconventional, yet effective, tips for individual looking to make a midlife career change.

  • Unemployment Benefits
    Are you currently unemployed? If you're a recently laid off worker one of the first things you can do to assist you in your career change process is to file for unemployment benefits. Learn how, when and where you can file for unemployment benefits here.
 Career Change Resource Websites
Need a little bit more help orchestrating your career change? The following are some of the best career change websites on the internet. Each website has been reviewed by our editorial staff for relevancy, usefulness and accuracy.
  • Career Changer
    This website is an excellent resource for anyone serious about maximizing their ability to pulloff a successful career change. The career change resource, information and guide provided by QuinCareers are truly invaluable.

  • Career Change Pathways
    The website is another excellent career change resources. Unlike many career change websites, this one is tailored specifically to individual 50 years of age or older. As there are unique challenges for individual age 50 and above you need unique solutions -- and this website has them.