Salary Negotiation Advice: Critical Tips for Maximixing Compensation

    While most careers have a standard salary range, the salary you end up with will depend in large part on your salary negotiation skills.
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Items to Consider When Evaluating a Job Offer

    Sometimes job seekers get so wrapped up in negotiating their salary they forget to consider several other important items before accepting a job offer.
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10 Salary Negotiation Mistakes to Avoid

    Notwithstanding the importance of salary negotion, there are number of common mistakes that most aspiring professional make when it comes to negotiating their salary.
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Why Wages Vary

Learn why wages vary within an occupation. Explore those occuptions with the highest wage difference among workers.

Job Salaries by Career Field

Use these sections to compare the average salary of different careers. When two or more careers interest you equally, wages and benefits may be the determining factor in your decision. Also, view a list of the top 50 highest paying careers all on one page here.

There are 22 salary by career sections: architecture and engineering, art and design, building maintenance, business, community services, computers and math, construction, criminal justice, education, farming and forestry, food services, health and medical, healthcare support, maintenance and repair, management, natural sciences, office administration, personal care, production, protective, sales, and transportation.

Select a career within a section to view annual salary and hourly wage information, along with the top five industries that employ members of the profession.

Architecture and Engineering

Architecture and Engineering
Learn how much you can make as an architect, engineer, or engineering technician.

Art & Design

Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media
Learn how much you can make as an artist, designer, entertainer or sports professional.

Building Maintenance

Building and Grounds Maintenance
Building and grounds maintenance professional are not high earners but have stable salaries.

Community Services

Community and Social Services
While most get involved in social services for reasons other than pay, you can still make a descent income in social service professions.

Computer and Math

Computer, Mathematics and Statistics
Careers in computers and math offers a broad range of salary possibilities.


Construction and Extraction
Construction offers some of the highest paying jobs that don't require a formal education.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement
Careers in criminal justice and law typically offer attractive benefits packages.


Education, Training, and Library
Learn how much you can make as a teacher, librarian, education administrator or corporate training.

Farming & Forestry

Farming, Fishing, and Forestry
You won't become rich as a farmer, fisherman or forest ranger, but you'll thoroughly enjoy your job.

Food Services

Food Preparation and Serving Related
You can start earning a good wage in food preparation or food service with little or no formal education.

Health & Medical

Healthcare Practitioners and Technicians
The health and medical industries are home to some of the most stable and highest paying career fields.

Healthcare Support

Healthcare Support
Healthcare support careers provide competitive pay and benefits.

Natural Sciences

Life, Physical, and Social Science
The are various career opportunities in the nature sciences that offer attractive compensation.


Protective and Security Service
Police Officers, Fire Fighter and Game Wardens are just a few of the career fields within protective services.


Sales and Marketing
Sales and marketing professionals are some of lowest and highest paid of all professionals in the world.
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