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Actuary Salary and Wage Information

  Percentile 10% (Low) 50% (Median) 90% (High)
  Hourly Wage $12.99 $20.17 $30.44
  Annual Wage $27,000 $42,000 $63,300
  • "10% (Low)" indicates that 10% of workers earned less and 90% earned more.
  • "50% (Median)" indicates that 50% of workers earned less and 50% earned more.
  • "90% (High)" indicates that 90% of workers earned less and 10% earned more.
  • "N/A" indicates that data is not available
* The annual salary and wage data presented above represents U.S. based workers with full-time employment and year-round schedules.

 Career Description
Architectural and Civil Drafters prepare detailed drawings of buildings or topographical relief maps. They utilize knowledge of building materials, engineering practices, and mathematics to complete drawings. They must also have knowledge of local government code or regulation concerning those items that they draft.