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MBA Degrees

Outside of a PhD, an MBA is one of the most prestigious and useful degrees a person can earn. Individuals who earn a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) degree position themselves for a variety of career advancement opportunities in the business world. While most full-time MBA programs are campus-based, there are now many MBA programs offered online which are designed to accommodate the busy schedules of working professionals. These programs are available throughout the world, and enable individuals to earn an accredited MBA without sacrificing their current careers or family responsibilities.

Top Reasons to Earn an MBA

An MBA is a highly valued, useful degree. The following are the most common reasons students pursue an MBA:

  • Making a career transition
    An MBA is a very versatile degree and will prepare students for upper-level career opportunities in a myriad of industries and occupations. An MBA is the perfect degree for professionals looking to make a career transition, since the degree program itself provides a wealth of valuable networking opportunities.

  • Getting a promotion at a current job
    Looking to qualify for a promotion? Not only is an MBA very prestigious, it equips students with real-world business and management expertise that will position them for a number of career advancement opportunities.

  • Pay increase
    The average MBA makes over $80,000 straight out of MBA school. Seasoned MBAs make even more. If you're looking to increase your earning potential, earning an MBA is an excellent choice. Given its versatility, it's also a great degree for those seeking to move into a higher earning career field.

  • Setting up a small business
    An MBA is the degree of choice among entrepreneurs and small business owners. An MBA teaches students everything they need to know about business management, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

  • Developing expertise in a specific field
    Most MBA programs allow students to choose an area of specialization and focus on a particular aspect of business. For example, most business programs offer specialized tracks in finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, investments, management, human resources and organizational management. An MBA is the perfect choice for individuals seeking to develop expertise in a specific business field.

  • Positioning oneself to be marketable in the international job market
    Almost every business today now operates in an international economy. With the advent of the Internet and advanced new methods of communication, businesses must compete with other businesses throughout the world. Earning an MBA is one of the best degrees a professional can possess to become highly marketable in the international job market.

  • Building a network of professional contacts
    The students of today's MBA programs will become the next generation of business managers, executives, and leaders. By completing an MBA program, students become part of a large professional network comprised of professors, successful business owners, and entrepreneurs. An MBA program provides an excellent venue and opportunity for building a network of professional contacts.

MBA Degrees by Specialty

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