Executive MBA (eMBA)

Executive MBA (eMBA)programs prepare professionals for upper-management positions. Many graduates of eMBA programs become CEOs or project supervisors.

Students enrolled in online or campus-based executive MBA programs will learn new skills to better manage an organization and its employees. Common courses include operations management, valuation, group leadership, and organizational strategies.

Online executive MBA programs are a popular choice among managers and working professionals, who can't quit their job to study full-time. Online programs provide flexible scheduling and applicable instruction for real-world scenarios.

Although obtaining an executive MBA will not guarantee a higher annual income, executives are typically an organization's highest paid employees (other than CEOs). The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that many executives are offered starting annual salaries of $140,000 or more.

Individuals with leadership skills and executive MBAs are highly sought after professionals, and usually enjoy abundant job opportunities.

Executive MBA Degree Programs

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