MBA in Strategy and Economics

Students enrolled in economics and strategy MBA programs learn strategies for applying simple economic principles to a company's overall business strategy. Students enrolled in these programs are required to complete courses in game theory, macro and micro economics, and other fundamental economics courses. However, these programs primarily focus on strategies for applying these fundamental concepts in the real world. Upon graduation, managers will have the knowledge and skills to apply basic economic principles in everyday business applications.

Company managers can complete this online program at their convenience. During their studies, managers can begin to apply the fundamental concepts they are studying to their companies' daily operations.

Graduates of these MBA programs frequently find jobs as economic analysts, management consultants, and senior managers. Those who become management consultants earn larger salaries than other management specialists.

When hiring for positions directly related to business strategy, the vast majority of companies prefer MBA graduates. Graduates of online MBA economics and strategy programs will be prepared to fill these positions.

Explore MBA Degrees in Strategy and Economics

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