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Pursuing a job in business or management offers job seekers one of the most diverse career paths possible. Business professionals and managers are employed by just about every business, in every industry, worldwide. Business and management professionals are the backbone of econonic activity. Consequently, they're indespensible, in high demand and some of the highest paid of all professionals.

Business and Management Job Outlook
The chart below provides summary facts, including median annual pay, number jobs nationwide, and projected job growth (2012-22) for the most popular business job sectors in the United States, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For benchmarking purposes the average projected growth rate for all occupations nationwide through 2022 is 12%.

Business Occupation Median Pay Number of Jobs Job Growth
Accountants and Auditors $63,550 1,275,400 13%
Appraisers and Real Estate Appraisers $49,540 83,700 6%
Budget Analysts $69,280 61,700 6%
Claims Adjusters and Examiners $59,850 311,100 12%
Benefits Specialists $59,090 91,700 6%
Cost Estimators $58,860 202,200 26%
Financial Analysts $76,950 253,000 16%
Financial Examiners $75,800 29,200 6%
Fundraisers $50,680 65,700 17%
Human Resource and Labor Relations Specialists $55,640 495,500 7%
Insurance Underwriters $62,870 106,300 -6%
Loan Officers $59,820 296,900 8%
Logisticians $72,780 125,900 22%
Management Analysts $78,600 718,700 19%
Market Research Analysts $60,300 415,700 32%
Meeting, Event and Convention Planners $45,810 94,200 33%
Personal Financial Advisors $67,520 223,400 27%
Purchasing Agents $60,550 504,600 4%
Tax Examiners and Revenue Agents $50,440 69,500 -4%
Training Specialists $55,930 228,800 15%
Administrative Services Managers $81,080 280,800 12%
Advertising and Marketing Managers $115,750 216,000 12%
Architectural and Engineering Managers $124,870 193,800 7%
Benefits Managers $95,250 20,700 3%
Computer and Information Systems Managers $120,950 332,700 15%
Construction Managers $82,790 485,000 16%
Emergency Management Directors $59,770 9,900 8%
Financial Managers $109,740 532,100 9%
Food Service Managers $47,960 321,400 2%
Human Resources Managers $99,720 102,700 13%
Industrial Production Managers $89,190 172,700 -2%
Lodging Managers $46,810 50,400 1%
Medical and Health Services Managers $88,580 315,500 23%
Preschool Directors $43,950 63,800 17%
Property Managers $52,610 297,000 12%
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers $95,450 62,100 13%
Sales Managers $105,260 359,300 8%
Social and Community Service Managers $59,970 132,900 21%
Top Executives $101,650 2,303,200 11%
Training Managers $95,400 28,600 11%
Job Search by Business Sector
Business Niche Job Boards
  • - offers a job board with hundreds of listings for employee benefits career opportunities, along with industry relevant career development resources including articles, news, a Q&A benefits column, member message boards, and resume posting for benefits professionals and job-seekers. Services offered for job-seekers are free of charge.

  • - a job search website and board dedicated to bookkeeping professionals. Offers a comprehensive job search board that allows users to search jobs by location, specialty, date and keyword. Job-seekers can post their resume, review employer profiles and register for a job agent. Services are offered free for job-seekers.

  • CPG Jobs - job search and career development site for Consumer Packaged Goodes (CPG) executives looking for jobs or interested in pursuing new career opportunities. Job-seekers can search open positions and job opportunities by location, specialty and employer. They can also post a resume, register for a job agent, receive job postings via email and applied to open positions via email. Services are free for job-seekers.

  • - is dedicated to upper level managers and executives ($60,000+ annual salary) who are interested in exploring new career opportunities confidentially while maintaining their current job. Job-seekers can search jobs posted by executive recruiters or they can create a personal profile to be viewed by executive recruiters. The site also provide some excellent career development resources for managers and executives. All services offered to job-seekers are free.

  • Exec-U-Net - dedicated to introducing executive and senior level managers ($100,000+ annual salary) to new jobs and career opportunities in general management, human resources management, operations managemtn, R&D, MIS, engineering, finance, sales and marketing. This is private membership website that is fee-based.

  • ExecutivesOnly - an online executive employment network that offers career development and job search services and resources for managers and executives making $70,000+ a year. Many career develop services (including resume preparation, coaching, etc.) are offered in addition to job placement. All services offered are fee-based and for registered members.

  • - search firm offering specialized recruiting services for consulting firms, real estate firms, private equity funds, investment banks, media & entertainment, information technology, legal and other industries. They can find qualified professionals for every level of an organizations from entry-level to CFO. Job-seekers can register through the site to receive job listings via email. They can then apply to jobs of interest through the website. Services for job-seekers are offered free of charge.

  • - website dedicated to professionals seeking career opportunities at every level of insurance including claims, underwriting, sales and risk management. Site offers a large job search board. Job-seekers can search available jobs by location, employer or keyword. They can also post their resume, sign up for job alerts (delivered via email), and review current news, events and articles. All services are offered free of charge to job-seekers.

  • Recruiter.Co - an executive search firm with over 30 years experience finding and placing marketing research professionals in jobs throughout North America. They focus on filling positions at every level of the industry from analyst through executive.

  • - offers an online job board for job-seekers and employers in manufacturing and production. Focuses on all levels of employment from entry-level to executive within the industry. Job-seekers can search jobs by industry, location, keyword and job type. They can post their resume and register with a job agents. Services for job-seekers are offered free of charge.

  • - job site offering job search and career development services for quantitative and analytics professionals. Areas of focus include financial engineering, risk management, quantitative finance, business analytics, data mining, and quantitative research among otherss. Job-seekers can search jobs, sign up for a newsletter and review current articles and resources. Employers can post jobs. Services for job-seekers are offered free of charge.

  • Social Media Jobs - job search site where job-seekers can view social media job lists that are searchable by location, category, experience level and keyword. Users can register to receive job alerts by email, post their resume and take advantage of various career development resources posted on the site. Services for job-seeker are free.

  • - job site dedicated to professionals seeking new job opportunities in inventory management, operations, logistics, supply chain management, project management, purchasing, procurement and more. Job-seekers can search jobs by location, type and keyword. They can also post their resume free of charge. Employer profiles are made available for job-seekers and various professional development resources are provided. Services for job-seekers are offered at not cost.

  • 6Figurejobs - jobs board promoting new career opportunities and jobs from C-level, VP, Director, and Senior Management positions. Offers various online job search resources. Register for the online job agent to receive new job listings as soon as they appear via email. Services are offered free to job-seekers.

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