Career and Job Search Guide

Freelance, Consulting, Contract and Temp Jobs

The following links provide access information about temporary, contract, freelance, or consulting job opportunities. We encourage those looking for jobs in specific states to visit the jobs by state section of the site found on the "Job Search" page.

The majority of sites advertising temporary or freelance opportunities are funded by companies offering recruiting services, so often it costs money to register on these sites. A few sites are not funded by these companies. While you examine websites, make sure you are familiar with any, or all registration fees.

Many sites listing temporary jobs are sponsored by employment agencies. After finding temporary workers, these agencies then receive payment from companies hiring these temporary workers. As a result, temporary workers have a percentage of their pay deducted from their pay checks to pay agency fees. Some temporary jobs eventually become full time positions, so temporary work can be a good way to begin a career.

  • - this site permits consultants the opportunity to offer a bid on specific projects.

  • Contract Employment Weekly - this site is affiliated with the weekly publication bearing the same name. Job searches can be narrowed by area, keyword, and date of posting.

  • Elance - this site permits consultants to bid on contracts for projects being requested by various companies. Projects are organized by category. Service providers are required to pay service fees on this site.

  • - this service matches freelance workers or consultants with companies around the globe. Users will find a privacy policy on this site.

  • - this site is designed for writers, computer professionals, photographers, fashion designers, and architects seeking freelance opportunities.

  • Freelance Work Exchange - this site contains freelance opportunities for writers, computer technology experts, photographers, and other specialists from various occupations.

  • Freelance Writing - this site is designed for freelance writers seeking opportunities.

  • Freelance Success - this site is intended for creative writers wanting to learn more about job opportunities for writers. This site provides users with a newsletter providing invaluable career advice.

  • - this site is designed for professionals looking for contracted work. Searches for opportunities can be narrowed by occupation category, region, and keyword. Those who register on this site must complete a user profile, but this website contains a privacy policy.

  • HireAbility - this site is designed for Information technology professionals seeking either full time or temporary positions. It does not cost anything to register on this site, but many available services require a fee. This site contains information about opportunities throughout the world, and it contains a privacy policy.

  • Sologig - this site contains listings for part time jobs, temporary work, consulting work, and freelance projects. Companies registered on the site can post part time or freelance opportunities currently available.