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Online Science Degree Programs

If you are considering a career in a scientific field there are a number of online degree program that can help you down your path. Here you'll discover a variety of graduate and undergraduate degree programs focused on traditional sciences including chemistry, biology, or physics. However, if you're pursuing a science career that's not quite as mainstream you may consider a degree in one of the earth sciences such as agricultural, environmental, or geographic information systems. Within the these fields their are also many specialty programs and courses focusing on biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, astronomy, geothermal power, alternative energy, and much more.

Online Science Degrees

Earning an accredited science degree from a reputable college or university is the first step to preparing yourself for a science related career. An online certificate in a specific scientific field, a bachelor's degree, master's degree, or PhD will open up a variety of entry-level and career advancement opportunities. For example, earning a science certificate may qualify you to work as a forensic lab technician or assistant. Whereas, earning a master's degree in biology can qualify you to work as a researcher, cellular biologist, microbiologist or geneticist.

While any education is helpful most employers are going to be looking for candidates that possess a bachelor's degree or higher. For teaching and research positions, a masters' dgree or PhD is often an employment prerequisite.

Online Science Degrees Available

The following is a selection of science degree categories. To learn more about a specific program select a category below.

An Attractive Job Market

While the average annual wage for professionals in this industry is higher than the average for all occupations, salaries can vary dramatically based on your industry specialty. A laboratory technician may earn $40,000 a year while a chemist at a large corporation may earn over $100,000.

There is also high and growing demand for professionals who have earned a higher education in the sciences. As coursework is rigorous many aspiring professionals opt to earn degrees in less demanding fields. So if you have the interest and aptitude to earn a degree in the sciences we highly recommend doing so.