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Online Fire Science Degrees

Firefighting is a very dangerous and physically stressful job, but it's also rewarding since firefighters save lives. In addition to extinguishing fires, they also frequently respond to automobile accidents and other emergencies. Firefighters must be physically fit and be willing to work irregular hours

Aspiring firefighters are required to earn an associate's degree in fire science before beginning their careers. During these programs, they'll learn how to properly handle and extinguish large wilderness and building fires, respond to medical emergencies, and handle hazardous chemical spills. Additionally, students completing these programs often earn paramedic and emergency medical technician (EMT) certifications.

Firefighters interested in expanding their job opportunities or earning more money frequently complete bachelor's degree programs in such fields as arson investigation, natural disaster relief, or incident management.

Explore degree and certificate programs in fire science administered by accredited schools that can be completed online.

Colleges and universities providing degree programs in Fire Science: