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If you're looking for a stable career, good pay, and unlimited career advancement opportunities, then we invite you to consider a career in accounting. Accountants and auditors prepare, examine and analyze the financial records and standing of businesses. They're tasked with the responsibility of ensuring all financial records are accurate, taxes are paid, and that business decisions make sound financial sense. Accountants are essential to the efficient operation and management of almost all companies worldwide.

Accounting Job Outlook and Prospects
Job opportunities for accountants and auditors are predicated to grow by over 13% through 2022. While this isn't as high as the growth rate in some sectors, demand for accountants--especially good accountants--will be stable and strong. Job growth for accountants will be impacted by the overall health of the economy and globalization.

Due to the continued growth of international business and globalization, it's predicted that the demand for accountants in international trade, mergers and acquisitions will be higher than the average for accountants and auditors in other sectors.

Job prospects will be greated for accounts with a professional or advanced degree, and who have earned the Certified Public Account (CPA) designation. Accountants with a master's degree in accounting or business will have the best job prospects.

Accounting Career Quick Facts
Median Pay (2012) $64,000 per year ($31/hr)
Entry-Level Education Requirements Bachelor's Degree
On-the-job Training Required None
Number of Jobs Nationwide (2012) 1,275,400
Projected Job Growth (2012-22) 13% (average)
Employment Change (2012-22) 166,700
Source: U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

Accounting Job Search Resources
  • AAFA - The American Association of Finance & Accounting (AAFA) offers an extensive network of affiliated finance and accounting job search firms throughout the United States and Canada. The association's website is designed for placement of experienced accounting and finance professionals. You can go to the "Recent Searches" page on their site to see the recent searches that have been performed by firms seeking accounting and finance professionals.

  • - this is a job board based out of the United Kingdom that specializes in placement of accounting, banking and finance professionals. From their site you can search thousands of jobs listings that are updated on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can submit your email and new jobs listings will be sent to you when they're updated. The site also provides several other offers including new, upcoming events calendar, and member forums. Most services on the site are absolutely free.

  • - As its name suggests, this site is dedicated to accounting professionals. Users can search accounting job opportunities y location, company and specialty. They can also post their resume, participate in online discussions with other accounting professionals, and take advantage of a myriad of useful professional development resources. This is another site that offers its services free to job-seekers.

  • - Job search website for accounting professionals seeking new career and employment opportunities in the United States and Canada. Job-seekers can also post their resume, review profiles of top firms employing accountants and register for a job agent. Services provided on the website are free to job-seekers.

  • AccounTemps - this site contains available job postings throughout the United States and Canada. Jobs are searchable by keyword, job type, and location. You can also use this site to receive free “eTraining” in computer financial software, or to post your resume.

  • American Banking Association ResumeBank - this site features a “Quick Job Search” for specific regions (U.S. and Canada), or occupation category (accounting, engineering, etc.). Users can also electronically post resumes on this site.

  • - this site offers a service that will match your skills and preferences listed on your resume to job listings. This site is intended for accountants, and users must register before they can utilize site services. There are no fees charged for using this site.

  • Bank Jobs - this site contains a job search feature that can be narrowed by region or keyword. Users can also post resumes, but those utilizing this feature should make sure not to list contact or private information.

  • - this site was specifically designed with bookkeepers in mind. Users can request a job agent, locate information about specific companies, and search for jobs. Job searches can be narrowed by occupation and keywords.

  • CareerBank - this site contains a job search feature where searches can be narrowed by region, company, or keyword. Users can also request a job agent or electronically post their resume. This service is free, but users wanting to protect their contact information must request it.

  • Financial Job Network - this site is designed to assist college graduates and financial executives locate available jobs throughout the world.

  • - this site contains information useful for technical specialists, lawyers, and investment professionals. Users can register, free of charge, for job listings sent directly to their e-mail. Users can also apply for jobs on the site.

  • Great Insurance Jobs - this site is designed for people wanting to begin careers in the insurance industry. Users can post resumes, find links providing valuable career advice, and learn more about companies hiring insurance professionals. Job searches can be narrowed by keyword, specialty, and region. There is no charge to use this site.

  • - this site is designed for banking professionals seeking new opportunities. Users can post resumes and search through job postings. Searches can be narrowed by location, salary level, and job specialties. There is no fee for using this site, but individuals wanting to utilize its services must register and keep a resume on profile.

  • - this site is designed for people interested in financial or insurance service careers. Users can sign up for job postings sent to e-mail accounts, electronically post resumes, and narrow job searches by region and occupation. There is no charge to use this site.

  • InsuranceJobChannel - this site provides services for insurance specialists seeking new opportunities. Users can post resumes, browse through more than 1,000 company career centers, and search for current job openings. Job searches can be narrowed, and services on this site are free of charge.

  • Investment Banking Jobs - this site enables users to post confidential resumes and search for current job openings. Job searches can be narrowed by specialty, company, and keyword. There is no privacy policy listed on this site.

  • Insurance Sales Jobs - this free site contains job postings for people looking to get involved in the insurance industry or experienced professionals seeking new opportunities. Job searches can be narrowed by keyword, state, or by specialty.

  • JobsintheMoney - this site permits users to search numerous job postings and post confidential resumes. Job searches can be narrowed by state, specialty, and keyword.

  • LenderCareers - this free site is designed to assist people looking to begin careers as finance, mortgage, or real estate specialists. Users can post resumes confidentially and register for job postings sent to e-mail accounts. Job searches can be narrowed by specific categories.

  • Loan Processor Jobs - this site enables users to post resumes or career profiles confidentially and search for current job listings.

  • National Banking Network - users wanting to browse through job openings must create a profile that can be viewed by others. Once this is done, users can search for commercial lending and investment banking jobs throughout the country.

  • - this site is designed to provide information and useful resources for people interested in working as stock brokers, asset managers, investment bankers, or other investment specialists on Wall Street. Users can upload resumes on this site and review current job listings.

  • - this site is sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and is intended for students wanting to begin careers as accountants. Users can find career advice, details about becoming a CPA, and browse through job listings on this site.

  • WallStjobs - this site is designed to help people looking for investment and brokerage jobs in large urban areas throughout the United States. Users can upload resumes and browse through current job openings. Users must registers, but there is no charge for using the site.

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