High School Diploma

Individuals without high school diploma are at a disadvantage when looking for jobs in a competitive job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that workers with high school diplomas usually make $700 or more a month than people without a high school diploma. Moreover, the income gap between people with and without high school diplomas is becoming larger – since 30 years ago high school graduate only made $300 a month more than workers without diplomas.

Today most jobs and entry level career positions require candidates to possess a high school diploma or the equivalent. According to a recent study, high school graduates are 70% more likely to achieve meaningful employment than those without a high school diploma. While no educational program will guarantee future career success, earning a high school diploma or GED is a must for anyone serious about a career.

Earning your High School Diploma vs. a GED

No they're not the same. A GED is an equivalency exam that covers five specific areas: science, writing, social studies, literature/reading comprehension and mathematics. Passing the exam makes you a "GED holder" but it doesn't give you a high school diploma. The only way to become a "high school graduate" is to completed an accredited high school program -- which entails you completing a variety of credit requirements.

So which one is best? Well, in our opinion you should complete your high school diploma. Earning a high school diploma has never been so easy and straight forward. You don't have to go back to school you can just sign up for an accredited Internet based program and earn your high school diploma completely online from the comfort of your own home.

High School Diploma Programs

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