Entrepreneurship MBA

Innovation is the key to starting a successful new business. Entrepreneurship MBA programs teach the principles necessary for starting lucrative and competitive new businesses.

Although entrepreneurship generally refers to setting up new companies, the basic principles of entrepreneurship can be applied to any business setting. Therefore, graduates of MBA entrepreneurship programs are sought after not only by individuals setting up new businesses, but by long-established companies as well.

MBA programs focus on how innovative strategies can be applied to business. Students take basic courses in management, organizational structure, and finance. In addition to coursework, students are typically required to prepare their own business plan and present it to a panel of professors for review.

Graduates of these entrepreneurship MBA programs find job opportunities in a wide variety of industries. Many large companies altering their business models hire graduates of these programs. Although their annual incomes vary, graduates of entrepreneurship MBA programs usually enjoy numerous job opportunities and high annual salaries.

MBA Degrees in Entrepreneurship

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