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Aviation MBA Degree

Those interested in working in management or administration positions in the aviation industry should seriously consider earning an MBA. The aviation industry is complex and competitive, and aviation-related businesses seek highly qualified professionals when filling managerial and administrative positions. An online or campus-based MBA program with an emphasis in management, administration or aviation will prepare students for a career in this exciting field.

While earning an MBA with an emphasis in aviation is advantageous, it's not necessary to obtain a job in this industry. Earning a general or specialized MBA will quality candidates for jobs in the aviation industry and related career fields.

Employment Outlook and Career Opportunities
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that job growth in the airline industry is projected to increase gradually in the upcoming years, especially for airliners offering inexpensive fares. Although there is not a large number available management positions within the airline industry, the number of positions is projected to grow at a quicker than average rate throughout the country in the near future.

For those already working in the aviation industry, earning an MBA will provide new job and career advancement opportunities. Earning an MBA with a focus in aviation management helps job seekers differentiate themselves from other candidates. Earning an MBA will help candidates qualify for managerial and director-level positions in airport management, aviation-based marketing, air traffic control and commercial transportation, among others.

Salary Estimates
Earning an MBA with a focus in aviation management may increase your earning potential by qualifying you for new management and leadership roles. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of May 2012, the median annual salary for air traffic controllers was $122,500 and the salary for administrative service managers was $81,000. According to, as of August 2014, the median annual salary for aviation managers was $161,219.

Earning Your MBA Online
While campus-based MBA programs abound, there are several advantages to earning an MBA online. Online programs offer much greater scheduling flexibility, allowing students to study whenever they choose. They are also more convenient; students can study from the comfort of their residence or office, and typically never need to travel to campus. Students enrolled in online programs will be required to complete courses in aviation marketing, economics, accounting, business management and decision-making.

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