MBA in Healthcare Management

Individuals interested in management positions in the healthcare industry will improve their opportunities by earning a healthcare management MBA. Instruction in these programs is geared towards managers working for medical and healthcare companies.

Healthcare managers ensure that patients receive quality healthcare while minimizing expenses. Students in healthcare management MBA programs are trained in the laws, regulations, and ethical standards pertaining to healthcare administration.

Students of these programs complete general business courses, as well as courses in risk analysis and resource distribution. Many programs require students to complete courses in healthcare policy, database management, healthcare-related finance, and HMOs.

Because of the continual growth of the healthcare industry, healthcare managers--especially experienced managers--should find plenty of job opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for healthcare managers are projected to grow at a quicker rate than average. Numerous opportunities will be available at doctors' offices and home healthcare clinics.

Graduates of healthcare management or health services MBA programs will receive the necessary training to be hired and/or receive promotions with healthcare organizations. Earning an MBA will not guarantee a job or certain annual income, but the majority of healthcare organizations prefer to hire and promote individuals with MBAs.

Explore MBA Degrees in Healthcare Management

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