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If you have effective communication skills, are goal-oriented, and have the ability to develop creative ideas, you should consider pursuing a career in advertising. Nearly 20 percent of advertising companies are based in New York or California. Many people are interested in working in the advertising industry, so one way to set yourself apart from other job applicants is by earning a college degree in advertising. It's also a great way to sharpen your skills and develop the knowledge necessary to succeed in this fast-paced industry. Because most organizations outsource their advertising to advertising firms, they usually receive bids from numerous firms and select the one best suiting their needs. Adverting firms employ numerous types of specialists, including research specialists, media experts, specialists who develop marketing ideas, and account managers.

Degrees in Advertising

About three fourths of public relations and advertising specialists are between the ages of 25-54, which is indicative of the amount of schooling these specialists receive prior to entering these fields. Most advertising and public relations firms will only fill entry-level positions with applicants holding bachelor's degrees. However, many assistant art director and assistant copywriter entry-level positions are filled with applicants possessing associate's degrees. Those aspiring to work as media buyers or planners, or employees within an advertising firm's creative department are usually required to hold bachelor's degrees in a field related to advertising. Most students enrolled in advertising programs are required to complete classes in business administration, media management, advertising strategies, and many other classes in business and advertising. Many people specializing in advertising research hold master's degrees in statistics or marketing. Working professionals and those with family responsibilities can pursue their dreams of working in the advertising industry by earnings a college degree in advertising through an online college or university.

Career Training in Advertising

It's very advantageous to complete an internship before completing a bachelor's degree program in advertising since you can acquire some applicable work experience and conduct some networking. Many graduates from bachelor's degree programs in advertising find entry-level jobs as market researchers, media specialists, and account managers. Employees demonstrating exceptional talent often get promoted to management and other high paying positions.

Economic Outlook for Advertising

Job growth in the advertising industry is projected to increase by 14 percent through the next decade. Since advertising firms often lose large clients, it's not uncommon for them to cut employees when their revenues are down. Advertising specialists are usually well paid for their expertise. In fact, advertising specialists in non-management jobs make on average over 20 percent more than other employees in non-management roles in other fields. During 2007, advertising specialists hired in entry-level positions made a little more than $33,000 a year. Median yearly salaries for employees within the creative division of an advertising firm are just over $46,000, while the median annual salaries for marketing managers exceeds $78,000. Advertising is a great career for driven and innovative individuals interested in helping companies meet their sales objectives.

Commercial and Advertising Art and Design Degrees and Programs

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