Animation Degree

Job growth for multi-media, web design and animation specialists is projected to increase by 15 percent through 2016. To accommodate this demand, more colleges and universities now sponsor degree programs in web design and related disciplines, such as animation. Web designers working in entry-level positions earn median salaries just over $45,000 a year.

Animation Education

In addition to college degree programs in animation, students wanting to work in the animation industry can earn liberal art degrees with special emphasis placed on visual effects, gaming animation, and computer animation. Typical courses in these programs include multi-media technology, visual effects, and classes acquainting students with the various types of computer-aided design technology used by animators.

Career Building

Individuals with college degrees in animation find jobs with marketing firms, media companies, architectural design companies, video game development companies, and motion picture production studios. Although it would seem that most job opportunities in the animation industry would be limited to film production companies, skilled animators can find jobs in many fields. While completing degree programs in animation, students usually learn about storyboard creation, animation technology, effective teamwork, and customer relations.

Animation Degree Highlights

Students enrolled in animation and web design college degree programs usually learn the following skills:

  • Marketing and business strategy
  • Television and film production
  • Web design
  • Computer animation
  • Photorealistic animation
  • 3D animation development
  • Sketching and animation design

Animation Salary and Earnings Information

Animation graduates can find jobs in various industries. During 2007, animators and multimedia specialists made median salaries exceeding $50,000 a year. Animators with salaries in the upper percentile made more than $90,000 a year. Graphic designers made median salaries exceeding a little more than $41,000 a year.

The following are types of companies where animators will find the best job opportunities:

  • Search engine companies
  • Motion picture production companies
  • Computer systems development companies
  • Software publishers

The highest paying opportunities are located in the following areas:

  • New York
  • California
  • Washington D.C.

Be Ready for Competition

Job growth in the fields of animation and arts is projected to increase by 16 percent until 2016. Better than average job growth is also expected for graphic design specialists. Those with technical skills and creative imaginations are prime candidates for jobs in the field of animation and graphic design. Even if you are not interested in working in animation, graduates of college degree programs in animation can find jobs with entertainment and graphic design companies.

Animation Degrees and Programs

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