Web Design Degrees

The number of websites has increased significantly during the last 15 years. During 2006, there was more than 85 million websites on the Internet. In 2008, that figured jumped to over 172 million, and continues to grow at a rapid pace. The number of websites is expected to exceed 1 billion by the end of this year. The unprecedented growth of the Internet has spurred job creation for web designers.

Most companies now consider having a website essential to their business objectives. Most people use the Internet to make purchases, locate information, and be entertained. Web designers are responsible for developing websites that are user friendly and visually appealing.

Online Web Design Degree Options

Certification and associate's degree programs in web design can be completed online. Students enrolled in these programs will learn about multi-media development, interface design, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, coding, and other basic concepts of web development.

Web Design Coursework Highlights

Web designers should have the ability to perform the following functions:

  • Design visually appealing websites
  • Design user friendly websites
  • Write content
  • Perform coding
  • Embed graphics, videos, and text on websites

Web Design Career Opportunities

Individuals earning a college degree in web design can find employment opportunities with many different types of companies. Many graduates find jobs as web technicians, desktop publishing specialists, and graphic designers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected better than average job growth in the field of web design through the near future. The following is a breakdown for expected job growth for various web design specialists:

  • Computer scientists and web developers - 37%
  • Graphic designers - 10%
  • Computer network developers - 38%

Web design specialists are usually well compensated for their knowledge and expertise. During 2007, the following median annual earnings corresponded to the following specialists:

  • Web designers - $59,000
  • Computer network developers - $89,000
  • Graphic designers - $41,000
  • Desktop publishing specialists - $36,000

Ability to Adapt

Web designers should be prepared, if necessary, to obtain continuing education since Internet technology is constantly evolving. Successful web designers and those receiving promotions usually have the ability to adapt to changes, and they take advantage of continuing education opportunities. Web designers with associate's degrees can also enhance their job opportunities by returning to school and obtaining a bachelor's degree in a web design related field, which could include visual communications or graphic design.

The increasing importance of the Internet in everyday business operations will continue to serve as the impetus for job growth in the field of web design. Those with formal training and the drive to excel will be in a great position to take advantage of the growing number of opportunities in this field through the near future.

Web Design Degrees and Programs

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