Furniture Design Degree

Many schools offer professional certification programs where students can receive hands-on training in furniture design. Students enrolled in these programs will learn about the types of materials used to produce furniture, and they will be trained in methods to create more visually appealing furniture designs. Those aspiring to design furniture must have certain skills, so receiving formal training in this field is very beneficial.

Technology and Furniture Design

Many furniture designers still create customized furniture utilizing traditional design methods, but it's important for people entering the field to develop computer skills. Many furniture designers rely on automated technology to perform certain functions, but they must understand how to use the technology and perform basic calculations. The technology utilized by furniture designers is known as computer-aided design (CAD) technology. Most people enrolling in furniture design programs will learn how to use CAD technology to develop blueprints and perform other important functions. Many furniture designers who've worked in the industry for a few years can benefit by taking some courses in CAD technology.

Understanding how to draw and use color is an important skill furniture designers should have. They should also be creative artisans and be knowledgeable about historical and current design trends. Furniture designers should also understand when it's appropriate to use certain materials, which could include wood, metal, and ceramic materials, and stay up to date with current design trends, such as ergonomic designs. Numerous accredited colleges, universities, and trade schools offer degree programs in furniture design. Obtaining a degree in furniture design will provide one with the necessary training to begin a career in this field, but those interested in having a variety of employment options should consider enrolling in a degree program in industrial arts with a specialized focus on furniture design.

Career Training in Furniture Design

Many people begin working in cabinet or wood shops before making the transition to furniture design careers. In some cases, people employed in entry-level positions at cabinet and wood shops develop technical and computer skills. Many students enrolled in college furniture design programs get the opportunity to fill paid internships at factories and small cabinet or wood shops. Many furniture designers run their own businesses or work for furniture design and production companies. Many furniture design companies utilize CAD technology to design furniture, so it's important for students enrolled in college furniture design programs to complete courses in CAD technology. During 2010, furniture designers with at least a year of work experience averaged about $42,494 a year. During 2010, the median salary for furniture finishers was a little more than $27,820 a year. Job growth in the furniture design industry usually correlates with economic conditions in the broader economy. The success of furniture designers who run their own businesses is usually dependent on their ability to market their products. Those who love art and have the necessary technical skills can become excellent furniture designers and gain a lot of satisfaction from working in this industry.

Furniture Design Degrees and Programs

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