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Fashion Degrees

Many accredited colleges and universities offer college programs in fashion design, fashion merchandising, and retail management that can be completed online. Students enrolled in one of these programs will learn about the international fashion industry, men's fashion, store design, visual merchandising, different types of textiles, along with many other subjects.

Fashion Design
Associate's, bachelor's, and master's degree programs are available in fashion design. Students should consider their career aspirations and desired annual salaries when deciding which type of degree to earn. The typical curriculum of fashion design programs includes courses in sketching, sewing, design, fabrics, textiles, and colors. Since students enrolled in online programs can complete courses whenever they have free time, it's possible for them to take marketing, business, and additional classes to enhance their employment opportunities. Students currently studying fashion design have the advantage of being taught how to use computer technology, which has simplified the design process. A great way to reduce the learning curve associated with fashion design computer technology is by earning a degree online.

Fashion Merchandising
Students enrolled in fashion merchandising college programs usually spend more time learning about merchandising and business concepts than fashion design. Typical curriculum includes research methods, competition analysis, profit margins, and sales tracking. A degree in fashion merchandising combined with applicable computer analysis skills will greatly benefit fashion merchandising specialists entering the job market. Students interested in starting their own business will also benefit immensely from completing a fashion merchandising program. 25 percent of fashion designers start small businesses. Those interested in selling their own designs or merchandise will also benefit from the knowledge and skills acquired from successfully completing a fashion merchandising program.

Retail Management
Students earning college degrees in retail management will be required to complete a diverse assortment of classes. They will be introduced to the following concepts: retail operations, developing business strategy, human resources management, sales, marketing, and accounting. Many retail managers eventually receive executive-level promotions after acquiring years of work experience. Individuals with relevant work experience and formal business training can find numerous job opportunities within the trendy world of fashion. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, most large clothing retailers seek to fill open management positions with college graduates. Many people aspiring for these positions complete bachelor's degree programs in retail management. Students enrolled in these programs are typically required to complete courses in business management, fashion merchandising, and communications. In addition to opportunities with traditional retailers, many management jobs are now available in e-commerce since it has spurred job creation in the field of retail management. Individuals interested in specializing in a particular facet of retail management should take courses closely related to their chosen specialty. It's also beneficial to complete courses in a variety of subjects to develop an extensive skill base.

Fashion Degrees and Programs

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