Interior Decorating Degree

Interior decorators plan and oversee the decoration of homes, office buildings, libraries, government buildings, and various other types of buildings. They use lighting, furniture, color, and other fixtures to give a room a certain aesthetic quality and feel. If you enjoy decorating rooms, understand how to create appealing designs, and can effectively utilize space, you're an ideal candidate to work as an interior decorator. Interior decorating is more difficult than it appears on television programs. Interior decorators must have a good work ethic, complete specialized training, and stay up to date with current design trends. Many accredited colleges and universities offer interior decorating college programs that can be completed online.

Career Training and Degrees in Interior Decorating

You can position yourself to obtain an entry-level interior decorating job by earning a bachelor's degree. Those earnings associate's degrees or professional certifications often find jobs as interior decorating assistants. Many students completing bachelor's degree programs in interior decorating obtain apprenticeships where they receive useful hands-on training.

It usually takes 1 to 3 years to complete an apprenticeship. During an apprenticeship, students work closely with established interior decorators or senior designers at interior decorating or architecture companies. Apprenticeship programs are designed to enable students to acquire invaluable hands-on training. Many interior decorating companies seek applicants who've successfully completed apprenticeship programs.

It's very beneficial for aspiring interior decorators or those currently working in the industry to become involved with interior decorating organizations. Joining professional organizations is a great way to meet other professionals in the industry to network with. Interior decorators should also become certified since potential customers usually prefer to consult with certified interior decorators.

Online Interior Decorating Degrees

Students earning college degrees in interior decorating will learn how to select the right types of colors, furniture, floor coverings, and fixtures for various types of situations and customer requests. Students will also be required to complete courses where they will learn about computer-aided design technology and blueprint interpretation. Learning about computer-aided design technology is especially important since more interior decorators are now relying on modern technology to prepare room layouts. With technology, alterations to layout designs can be completed by clicking on a mouse.

Interior Decorating and the Job Market

Job growth for interior decorators has been projected to increase at a higher rate than projected average growth in other industries through 2016. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many restaurants, resorts, and hotels will utilize the services of interior designers through the near future. Decorators specializing in bathroom and kitchen design will also be in demand since homeowners are constantly remodeling these rooms. Most full-time interior decorators make a little more than $55,000 a year.

Interior Decorating Degrees and Programs

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