Fashion Design Degree

Do you enjoy watching television shows about fashion? Do you often feel you would design fashions that differ from the most popular designers? Fashion design is extremely competitive, so anyone wanting to begin a career in this industry should obtain formal training. Many colleges and universities offer accredited fashion design programs where students can become better acquainted with such concepts as fashion history, patternmaking, tailoring, colors, and textiles. Many companies specializing in fashion design look favorably upon those who've earned a college degree in fashion design, especially individuals who've learned how to use computer-aided design (CAD) computer technology to design clothes. Most fashion design degree programs contain courses in CAD.

A Career in Fashion Design

Fashion designers often do not limit themselves exclusively to designing clothes. Many fashion designers design new lines of jewelry, pet clothing, kids wear, and shoes. Designers can also specialize in a particular type of clothing, such as swimwear, formalwear, etc. Successfully completing a fashion design degree program will prepare you for a career in the fashion industry and enhance your job opportunities and earning potential.

Many fashion designers find jobs with clothing manufacturers, apparel and fabric wholesalers, and those with exceptional talent often receive management-level promotions with companies specializing in fashion design. About 25 percent of fashion designers manage their own companies. Fashion designers typically work in either California or New York.

Training in Fashion Design and Degree Programs

Individuals interested in fashion design have the option of earning an associate's, bachelor's, or master's degree. Those earning a degree in fashion design should take into consideration how long they would like to stay in school and what they hope to earn after they graduate. Most students enrolled in fashion design programs are required to complete courses in sketching, sewing, design, fabrics, textiles, and color. Those deciding to earn their degree online will have the opportunity to enroll in marketing and business classes, which is a great way to enhance marketability in the job market. Earning a degree online is a great way to improve technical skills, and since a large portion of fashion design is completed with computer technology, it's important for designers to understand how to use computers. Additionally, students without technical skills can become more familiar with computer technology intended for fashion design by earning a degree online.

Fashion Design Online Degrees

Earning a college degree in fashion design is one of the best ways to begin a career in the trendy and extravagant fashion industry. Many colleges and universities offer fashion design programs that can be completed online, a very convenient option for working professionals. Many fashion design specialists are well paid for their expertise and skills. During 2006, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median yearly earnings for fashion designers exceeded $60,000. Fashion designers with extensive job experience usually earn the largest annual salaries. Earning a college degree in fashion design will not guarantee a high paying job, but a great way to learn the skills necessary to succeed in the fashion industry is by earning a earning a college degree in fashion design.

Since many people want to work in the glamorous world of fashion design, it can be very difficult to land a job in this industry. Obtaining formal training is a great way to set yourself apart from other job candidates. After you obtain an entry-level job, you'll have the opportunity to gain experience, which will open the door to future job opportunities.

Fashion Design Degrees and Programs

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