Associate Degree in Health Science and Technology

Individuals with associate's degrees in health sciences should enjoy plenty of job opportunities in the years to come. Graduates can find jobs in the fields of teaching, physical therapy, and administration. Environmental health experts travel to various work sites and ensure that companies are not violating safety and health laws. Personal trainers organize physical fitness programs for their clients. Home care aides assist disabled or older people with routine tasks and daily care. The BLS estimates that job growth for these specialists will increase at a quicker than average rate over the next ten year. Many health science professionals begin their careers by completing an online associate's program in health sciences.

Students enrolled in these associate's programs take courses in healthcare ethics and policy, biology, and chemistry, as well as a variety of other science courses. Before enrolling in a health science program, students should determine an area they would like to specialize in. This way, they can tailor their schooling to their particular educational and career goals. For example, those interested in environmental safety should learn about public health regulations and how to conduct contamination tests, while those interested in teaching should enroll in science courses such as anatomy and nutrition.

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