Associate Degree in Telecommunications Technology

There will be a particularly large number of job opportunities in the field of telecommunications in the years to come. Consequently, it's a great industry to be in. Job growth will largely be fueled by the development of new technologies. Individuals with up-to-date training in the most current technology will enjoy the most job opportunities. Training and technical knowledge can be acquired by completing an online telecommunications associate's program.

Those who earn a degree in telecommunications will be prepared for a job with a government agency, a telecommunications company, or an industrial firm. While enrolled in a telecommunications online associate's program, students learn about programming languages, computer networking, telecommunications systems, and engineering concepts.

Most telecommunication companies only hire people who have completed an associate's program. Since telecommunication technology continues to evolve, employees often receive new training while at work. Telecommunications specialists are typically quite well-paid. During 2012, telecommunications specialists in non-managerial roles averaged nearly $45,000 annually.

Those who have completed a telecommunications associate's program can also apply their credits towards a degree in electrical engineering or other technical discipline -- as long as they earn their degree at a regionally accredited college or university.

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