Associate Degree in Information Technology

There is growing demand in the workforce for information technology (IT) specialists, so obtaining an online IT degree is a great strategy for people seeking job opportunities. The number of jobs for IT managers is projected to increase at a higher rate than average throughout the next decade, so individuals with IT degrees should enjoy an abundance of opportunities.

In 2012, about 6 out of 10 computer programmers held college degrees. Since the IT industry is constantly evolving, those with degrees are at a distinct advantage in the job market. Students enrolled in online IT associate's programs take classes in network administration, operating systems, and computer software and hardware. Most IT specialists develop their skills by troubleshooting and performing other projects on computers.

IT managers who have completed an IT bachelor's or master's program can eventually enjoy a six figure annual income. Other computer specialists (such as software engineers and programmers) who have completed an online IT associate's program can be promoted after acquiring enough work experience.

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