Associate Degree in Computer Programming

There are many entry-level programming positions available to individuals with associate's degrees in computer programming. Many programs can be completed online, a great option for those seeking to improve their technical knowledge. In these programs, students are taught how to transfer information electronically, fix technical problems, manage information, retrieve data, and design software programs.

Students also learn about programming languages, algorithms, hardware capabilities, and symbolic logic. Most associate's programs also offer in-depth instruction in networking, webpage development, information systems management, network analysis, operating systems, and principles of SQL. Students are also trained in Java, C++, PHP, and COBOL coding and HTML webpage programming.

After acquiring an associate's degree, students can apply for programming jobs or transfer their earned credits toward a bachelor's program. Although it is possible to get a job with an associate's degree, most companies recruit graduates with bachelor's degrees. Computer programmers usually make between $30,000-95,000 annually.

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