Associate Degree in Marketing

The marketing industry is undergoing rapid growth, largely due to the fact that it's now possible to market across more mediums than ever before. Nowadays, most companies are promoting their products and services on the Internet, TV, radio, and even podcasts. Companies that initiate successful ad campaigns usually enjoy increased profits. As a result, marketing and advertising agencies heavily recruit brand and marketing managers to work for them.

Students enrolled in online marketing associate's programs learn about consumer market trends, economics, accounting, and factors that influence consumers' behaviors.

Individuals interested in pursuing marketing careers must be creative, have good verbal and written communication skills, and understand how to use computers, in addition to completing a college marketing program. After completing a marketing program, graduates will be eligible to work in advertising, public relations, and promotions. In 2012, marketing managers enjoyed annual median salaries near $87,000, while most promotions and advertising managers made about $63,000 a year.

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