Associate Degree in Education

An online associate's degree is a great option for working professionals. These programs allow students to schedule their studies around their jobs, making it possible for students to further their education and acquire work experience simultaneously. Students in online programs still receive quality education and still have access to qualified professors. An associate's program is an ideal option for people seeking specialized training who do not want to commit to a longer bachelor's program.

Students enrolled in online education associate's programs take humanities, art, and physical, social, and biological science classes. Students can also select programs emphasizing special, secondary, elementary, and early childhood development education. Depending on their program emphasis, students can also take courses focusing on education for disabled children, modern educational methods, and educational activities for young children.

Graduates of online associate's programs in education can find jobs as teacher's assistants, paraprofessionals at elementary schools, and Head Start Program teachers. The BLS reports that in 2012, more than 1 million teachers' assistants were employed in the United States. During the same year, teachers' assistants earned median salaries of $21,410 annually. Education professionals with expertise in special education or a foreign language will be particularly sought after. Full-time assistants are usually provided health insurance coverage and other benefits.

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