Computer Science Degree

Computer scientists specialize in computer technology and applications. They work in the following fields: network security, web administration and architecture, computer software and hardware engineering, and information technology. Although training and educational requirements vary across these fields, most organizations that recruit computer scientists prefer to hire applicants with a degree in computer science from an accredited school.

Since computer technology is constantly evolving, there is a lot of demand for qualified computer scientists who are familiar with the latest technologies and trends. Entry-level positions in computer science related fields can be obtained with associate's degrees, but professionals with only an associate's degree will find their job opportunities and their earning potential rather restricted. Those holding graduate degrees often get management-level promotions and have better earning potential. Traditionally, a bachelor degree in computer science has been the degree of choice among employers seeking to fill entry-level technology positions, but more and more employers prefer a masters degree. Possessing applicable work experience also enhances job opportunities.

With many schools now offering computer science degrees online, it's possible to earn a degree and acquire the real-world work experience you need at the same time. ONline degree programs in computer science are covenience, flexible and affordable.

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