Sun Certification

Java is the developer of many popular brands of software, including OpenOffice, MySQL, GlassFish, Solaris Operating Systems, JAVA CAPAS, Sun Cluster, and NetBeans. Since many companies and organizations rely on these technologies, Java offers numerous certification programs. Those who are trained to work with Sun Technologies will be highly sought after by IT and other technology firms.

Sun Microsystems offers several certification programs which include the following:

  • SunTone Certification for Applications - This program is designed to train individuals how to audit software, hardware, and infrastructure.
  • Hardware Certification - This program is designed to train individuals to install and maintain hardware that works with Solaris systems.
  • Software Certification - This program will prepare people to maintain Sun supported software.
  • Professional Certification - Those who complete this program will be trained to work with Java and Solaris Operating platforms.

Below you can explore Sun Certification programs that can be completed online or at a convenient campus location in your area.

Sun Certification and Training Programs

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