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Video Game Design and Development Degrees

There are a growing number of career and job opportunities available in the video game development industry, such as the positions of game designer, programmer, and tester. Game designers are responsible for developing game plots, levels, and other aspects of the storyline. Game programmers perform the coding that controls game operations. Game testers are responsible for locating technical flaws and ensuring the game adheres to a certain level of quality and difficulty before it is placed on the market.

Many schools offer degrees in video game development and video game design. Most video game development companies only hire development specialists with college degrees. Many degree programs in video game development are now available online. Online video game design or development degree programs are ideal for working professionals who want to transition into a career in video game design or for professionals currently working in the industry who want to enhance their skill set, earning potential and career advancement opportunities.

Video Game Design and Development Degree Programs

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