Technology Management Degree

Technical managers develop strategies to better utilize technology within the workplace. To do this, they must possess knowledge of sales, data management, programming, finance, business administration, and information technology. Technical managers also frequently oversee budgets and group projects. Information technology and consulting firms, large manufacturers, government agencies, computer systems design companies, and other organizations hire technical managers.

Entry-level technical and technology management jobs can be obtained with a bachelor's degree, but most companies prefer to hire and promote technical managers holding master's degrees. Since technical managers must possess business and technical skills, it's advantageous to complete a specialized MBA program in technology management. Many schools now offer online technical management programs, making it easier for working professionals to pursue an advanced degree. Since most companies that hire technology managers prefer candidates with applicable work experience, completing an online degree program is a perfect way to acquire work experience and earn a degree simultaneously.

Below you can explore technical management degree programs offered by accredited schools that can be completed online or a campus location in your area.

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