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Since most companies now conduct e-commerce, and credit card numbers and other sensitive information are transmitted via the Internet, network security is a major concern for companies and consumers alike. Companies are willing to invest significant funds toward deterring hackers and preventing identity theft. In fact, network security is now a six billion dollar industry, a figure which will continue to rise as time passes and as technology evolves and information security becomes increasingly important.

Entry-level network security positions are usually filled by individuals holding bachelor's degrees in network security, information security, computer science, or information systems. There are vendor-specific network security certificate programs that do not take as long as a bachelor's degree program to complete, but earning a bachelor's degree (or higher) will typically yield more job opportunities and higher pay. Common network security degree programs will cover the following topics: database and wireless networking, encryption technology, information security procedures, firewall design and troubleshooting, and network security software.

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