Information Systems Security Degree

Since sensitive data, including credit card and social security numbers, are often transmitted through information systems, security is a major concern for organizations and companies that maintain information systems with sensitive data. Information systems security specialists develop firewalls, encryption systems, threat detection software, and backup storage technology to protect sensitive data.

Entry-level information systems security jobs can be obtained with a bachelor's degree in computer science or a field related to information systems security. However, those with master's degrees are more likely to be promoted to higher-paying positions, such as management. Many accredited colleges and universities are now offering degree programs at all levels that can be completed online. Online degrees in information systems security are designed for aspiring IT professionals who are seeking to advanced their education while maintaining their current career.

In information systems security programs, students study a variety of subjects, including network firewalls, cryptography, intrusion detection, and computer viruses.

Degrees in Information Systems Security

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