Network Administration Degree

Network administration professionals specialize in linking computer systems together and establishing intranet systems. In addition to developing computer systems, network administrators are responsible for maintaining networks and network technology, such as routers, fiber optic lines, and databases.

Major computer technology companies, such as Cisco and Microsoft, offer vendor-specific programs in network administration. Students enrolled in network administration degree programs are typically required to complete courses in encryption and firewall technology, systems analysis, TCP/IP protocols, network security, and database administration. Companies and organizations that hire entry-level network administrators usually prefer to fill these positions with people holding college degrees in network administration or related fields. While an associate degree in network administration will prepare students for entry-level technical positions, a bachelor's or master's degree is usually required for entry-level database administration and management positions.

Degree and certificate programs in network administration can be completed online or on campus. Online degree programs in network administration have grown in popularity over the last few years due to the flexibility and convenience they provide students. Online degrees in network administration are ideal for working professionals and IT managers who need a program designed to accomodate their busy schedule.

Network Administration and Managment Degree Programs

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