Journalism Degree

Journalism is a system of inquiry and written communication style designed to serve the public good by providing accurate and insightful analysis, news and perspective on current events and topics. True journalism is based on three principles: truth, disclosure, and editorial independence.

Journalists report news, conduct investigations to get to the bottom of an issue, and interview people to obtain information about newsworthy stories. There are many different types of journalists, among them print, television, and electronic journalist. However, today news media is the main medium used to disseminate journalist information. The following degree journalism degree concentrations are popular among aspiring journalists:

  • Media Criticism
  • Mass Communication
  • Print Journalism
  • Electronic Journalism
  • Visual Journalism

Journalism students are required to complete courses in electronic, broadcast, and print media, communications, political science, economics, and sociology. Many accredited colleges and universities are now offering journalism degree programs online.

Journalism Degree Programs

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