History and Classical Studies Degrees

History is a derivative of the greek work historia, which means "inquiry, knowledge acquired by investigation." It is the study of the past, usually the study of the past as relates to human societies, populations, and even the individual. History also encompasses discovery, collection, interpretation and collection of information about past events. Those who dedicate themselves to the study and scholarship of history are known as historians.

Most students of history don't go on to become historians. Earning a degree in history provides students with a strong liberal arts education that will prepare them a variety of career and higher education opportunities. Many history majors go on to have successful careers in business, education and law.

Students majoring in classical studies learn about Roman and Greek history, literature, culture, languages, politics, and geography. The following are typical degree programs in classical studies offered by colleges and universities: Classical studies, Classical civilization, and Roman and Latin studies.

Classical studies programs are available at the associate's, bachelor's, and graduate degree levels. Most jobs specific to the classical studies are usually found in schools and museums. Those interested in university level research and teaching jobs should earn a doctorate degree.

History and Classical Studies Degree Programs

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