Art History Degree

Art history is the study of art from a historical perspective, including historical development and stylistic contexts (e.g. format, genre, style, and design) Art history typically focuses on the major genres of art such as sculpture, painting and architecture, and to a lesser degree furniture, ceramics and other decorative arts.

Those who love art, but don't necessarily want to be artists, frequently obtain a college degree in art history. Art history students learn about the factors that influenced the creation famous pieces of art, the characteristics that distinguish art genres, and art trends throughout various historical periods.

Graduates of art history degree programs often find jobs as museum technicians, curators, teachers, and archivists. Entry-level jobs in museums can often be obtained with a bachelor's degree, but those interested in curator or archivists position should earn a master's degree. Aspiring teachers usually only need to earn a bachelor's degree, in addition to fulfilling any state licensing requirements.

Art History Degree Programs

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