Language Degrees

As the world enters an age of a global economy, individuals who fluently speak foreign languages are in high demand in many fields. Job opportunities are available with government agencies, brokerage firms, marketing firms, healthcare providers, intelligence and national security agencies, and various other types of companies for those who can speak multiple languages.

There are numerous types of language degree programs, which include English programs in the language arts, as well as English as a Second (ESL) programs. ESL degree programs are usually designed for people interested in teaching English to foreign students. Those pursuing this route should earn a master's degree. Certificate programs in translation are also very popular, and in demand. Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Japanese, Italian, German, French, and Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese are other languages that are growing in demand.

Today, more and more colleges now offer advanced language training and degree programs in foreign languages. Below you can explore various education opportunities in language learning.

Language Degree Programs

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