Doctorate Degree in Public Health

Many accredited universities now offer campus-based or online doctoral degree programs in public health. Public health graduate students have the option of specializing in health education, epidemiology, public health promotion, or another specialty.

Online Degree Programs in Public Health
Completing an online public health PhD is an effective and convenient way to begin a healthcare administration career--especially if you have a busy schedule to manage. Many graduates of community health doctoral programs eventually obtain high-level administration positions. Online community health doctorate degrees are ideal for individuals currently working in public health jobs who want to position themselves for promotions. Since online programs can be completed at one's convenience, they are also ideal for those with ongoing family responsibilities.

The following are common courses taught in public health doctoral and PhD programs:

  • Public health ethics and laws
  • Evaluation and implementation of public health policies
  • Financial management and economic issues relating to public health
  • Policy and program analysis
  • Public Health Awareness and Promotion

Students completing a doctorate degree in public health are typically required to evaluate case studies and public health policies, propose legislation to improve public health, and develop policies to solve epidemics. They are also required to conduct original research and publish a dissertation.

Numerous positions in healthcare and social work are available for graduates of public health doctoral programs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth in public health related fields is projected to grow quicker than the average for all other careers over the next decade. Administration jobs in public health will be particularly desirable, since they typically offer sizable salaries. According to the Medical Group Management Association, the median annual salary for administrators managing health clinics with just under 30 health professionals is over $130,000.

Explore Doctorate and PhD Degrees in Public Health

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