Doctorate Degree in Public Policy

Many accredited colleges and universities offer campus-based or online doctorate degrees in public policy. Students pursuing a doctorate degree in public policy have the option of specializing in public safety management, health services, public management, and emergency response procedure.

Online PhD in Public Policy
Graduates of public policy PhD programs find jobs with private companies, colleges and universities, and government agencies. Driven by such factors as population growth, technological and economic changes, and natural and man-made disasters, demand for qualified public policy experts is on the rise. Students enrolled in online public policy doctorate programs can specialize in non-profit organization management, criminal justice, and homeland security policy, among other options. Many graduates of online programs go on to high-level administration and management positions in a wide range of professional settings. Online PhD programs in public policy are flexible, convenient the perfect choice for working adults and professionals that need a degree that can fit their busy schedule.

The following are common courses students are required to complete while enrolled in public policy doctoral program:

  • Health and environmental policy
  • Microeconomic analysis
  • Program and policy review
  • Quantitative research methodology
  • Economics and public finance

In addition to coursework, PhD students are required to conduct original research and submit and defend a dissertation.

Many graduates of public policy doctorate programs obtain high-level jobs working for private companies and government agencies. Examples include senior-executive positions with non-profit organizations, tenured professorships with prestigious universities, and top management positions with federal and state agencies. Earning a doctorate degree does not guarantee a job or a large salary, but it certainly does afford more new opportunities and higher earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), public policy experts with PhDs employed by the federal government usually begin their careers in public policy earning over $50,000 annually, which is roughly $10,000 more annually than what their colleagues with master's degrees earn.

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