Doctorate Degrees in Healthcare and Healthcare Administration

Healthcare is a growing industry--one that affects practically everyone's life. As a result, many opportunities exist for people interested in working in healthcare or healthcare administration, including positions with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, hospitals, government agencies, and many other healthcare delivery organizations. A doctorage or PhD in health administration greatly improves the chances of landing a lucrative position in healthcare administration, or other healthcare position.

Students enrolled in a doctorage degree in health administration programs will learn about the newest methods of delivering healthcare, hospital procedure and policy, medical research, data analysis, medical technology, and other important components of the healthcare industry. Working professionals with job and family responsibilities will enjoy the flexibility provided by online programs.

Research, teaching, and management opportunities are just a few of the options available to graduates of health administration doctorate programs. Most high-level healthcare administration jobs offer sizable salaries.

There are also a variety of upper-level and advanced practice positions available in healthcare for those with a doctorate degree in other healthcare and medical disciplines.

Explore Doctorate and PhD Degrees in Healthcare

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